on unexpectations and last minute flights

the funny thing about life is that you find yourself in places you'd never expect.

// at the last minute.
here i'm writing this from my childhood bedroom in niagara, a southern pocket of canada. i had no plans to travel home at all this year but i'm here, travelling on a ticket i bought 15 hours before the flight. last minute. in my family, it takes a death to bring everyone together from around the world and across the country.

but we're here. packing my carry-on for another flight to saskatchewan tonight. there's something about me that loves the canadian prairies. 2 day at home, 3 days in saskatoon, 2 days at home then back to london.

it's a whirlwind but i love that life takes you places you'd never expect.

// at the last minute.
don't you?


a bar at the folies-bergère

by edouard manet.
painted between 1881-1882.

this painting has always stayed in my mind since art history class in high school. there's just something about it. maybe it's the sad look in her eyes. the extravagantly dress gentleman looking at her that you can see in the reflection of the mirror. the end of an era in paris.

another thing crossed off my 25 before 25 list!


little paint // long way

i've been doing a couple projects around our flat this week. i asked on twitter last month if it's worth it doing diy projects on a rented space. the consensus was yes! just enough to make the place feel like home but not too much to undo before leaving (whenever that will be).

upon much deliberation, i decided to paint a wall the same colour as our bathroom towels (probably lame) and i managed to pick out the exact colour at the shop without even bringing in a sample... what an eye.

[dulux fauna 4]

next came the dining chairs. you remember ivar, right? i painted these untreated wooden ikea chairs using the leftover wall paint then sealed them with a clear wood varnish. ta-da!
all this place needed was a little colour.


from film: the indian in the cupboard

there were so many nice shots from the last roll of film i got developed and thought to share another batch, taken in my apartment in budapest before i moved to london.

do you remember that film indian in the cupboard? i must have been twelve when i was gifted the vhs version of it, complete with my own little plastic indian. i must have locked it up in my own little cupboard wishing so hard that it would come alive just like in the film. it hasn't, yet.


haiku on hétfő: idealism

idealism spurs
even the most lazy minds
to realise there's more.


hétfő means monday in hungarian. for a long time i've wanted to begin a regular feature here on the blog, alas here is what it is: one haiku a week, on mondays since it's the only day of the week that starts with h

other haikus: olives


from film: the deer of richmond park

when you start experimenting with multiple exposures and light settings on film cameras every roll of film comes out dramatically different. Every frame is your canvas, although you can never be sure how it is going to turn out in the end.

i love the mystery and suspense of shooting with film.

a few weeks ago i took advantage of an afternoon off and wandered into richmond park to draw and take photographs. hot and sunny, i took a shortcut through a tall field of ferns to get home at the end of the afternoon. whistling my way along a narrow path a rustle made me look up.

there i was, face to face with a few deer. their antlers sticking up out of the safety of the ferns. their black eyes stunned by the presence of an intruder. sorry dear! i was just as much startled as they may have been, as i've rarely been that close to wild deer before in my life. i slowly raised my camera to my eyes, focused and shot. lowered it.

i made a quick 180 out of that field of ferns to take the long way around. hope i didn't disturb them too much. here are a few shots from that afternoon in the park.