haiku on hétfő: olives

hétfő means monday in hungarian. for a long time i've wanted to begin a regular feature here on the blog, alas here is what it is: one haiku a week, on mondays since it's the only day of the week that starts with h.

so, i hereby inaugurate haikus on hétfő. here is the first,

olives with pits sit
motionless in fine china
waiting for their fate


  1. rebekka, you're a doll! i just checked out your blog and can i say, it's totally been bookmarked. thanks for stopping by a leaving a little note :)

  2. Hello! I really liked your poem! I hope you don't mind that I tried to translate it to Hungarian with my emotions.

    olajfák ölelése
    Kína érzéketlen porcelánjai
    megváltásra várva

  3. this is great gergő!
    i would like to compile some haikus... maybe in both languages :) thanks for sharing this, so cool!


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