cold autumn day today. so i picked a pumpkin from the winery garden for dinner.

we fried it with black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, celery and red onion. salt and pepper. delicious. 
of course we toasted the seeds for on top and for a nice snack tomorrow at the grape&wine parade. it feels perfectly like fall with early setting golden light around six o clock and the crunchy leaves start to appear from the prematurely changing willow tree. 

stinging nettle tea is making me feel clean inside. i like this new tea.

i have a little less than a month left before i leave now for hungary. i am perhaps a bit anxious to pack and have been slowly collecting must haves for the trip in my old blue suitcase. so far: a ball of yarn and circle needles for long flight knitting, a travel pack towel, "in europe" a history book by geert mak who makes history interesting for people that never liked history class (me), david's favourite granola bars, ice wine from the winery. 

in the meantime, susi and i are making paper crafts and playing in the vineyards.



sitting and waiting. for david. im waiting again. coffee's done suitcase is blue. not because its empty but because its full. socks exploding out of the drawer and a pile of paintings left unsold. papers in stacks that will never be read or sorted. and books and books and three balls of yarn.

moving again with my favourite photographs and art printed post cards. with my blue suitcase and my sleeping bag. a handful of earrings and a hemingway novel. he puts paris in my night time dreams again. nineteen twenty with street trams and white wine. his life described does not sound so different from that of mine in spain. it is a magical place this europe he writes of. fashion and couture. ripped stockings and a notebook for me. 

sketchbook and graphite a stone bench and leather shoes. garcia lorca poetry in my back pocket. words to live by. words to love by. i see his photograph everyday. he is also a man from the past i would have liked to share a bottle of wine with. i think i genuinely am attracted to the expatriate's circle. escaping debt and canadian flags to take up residence in a hungarian town. avoiding gypsies and making wood stove fires to draw by and make love by. 

david thinks im a romantic. i think you have to be to get by in this world.



rearranging papers and paintings lately. trying to move things around before i move.
packing photos and tossing cds. i still have time but it always sneaks up on me. 

bottling vidal wine afterhours at frogpond farm and watching the sunflowers open.

waiting for susi to arrive on monday.

reading hemingway, a lot. a moveable feast, the sun also rises, and torrents of spring all in one week. i must save some to bring to hungary with me.

i sold a set of drawings from art city as well this week! my first art sale to a stranger.



new in the shop: a few items
two notebooks, hand bound. 44 pages each of a mixture of different textured papers. with collaged covers.

a set of shipping tags i have collages with old maps of berlin, prints of artwork, magazine clippings, and olde german grammar. glued/stapled on standard manilla tags, attached with a piece of charcoal grey yarn



i started to dabble in some embroidery, making a patch for my jacket. start simple is what i think. i am going to try some flowers today on some twill. i found one of my mothers old embroidery books recently and started to flip through it. look at how beautiful is this owl chair. i love it and the purple and yellow wall behind it.  

tonight is art city and i dropped off some new work there this afternoon at the salon and my mom took over from there arranging between customers so i am home to make a few more small things before 6 tonight. 



a new painting. there is a pair for it similar design, different size. these are for art city tomorrow. leftover acrylic wall paints comes in handy and maps of berlin also. a tea party.

found a place at the market that sells arabic pistachio treats. mmm. very delicious.



c'est le temps de faire une robe je pense


i would also love at some point to learn the art of sweater knitting. or at least sock knitting. i think its better to start small. socks. for winter now that it is coming around again. this morning especially i took my coffee outside while i hung out my clothes on the line and it smells like back to school. september. its just in the air, there is dew in the grass still at nine. its just how the air feels and how the light is at this time of day that reminds me of so many mornings waking up early to go to school after a summerful of sleep ins. for the first time since junior kindergarten i am not going back to school this fall. seems strange and odd to not have a new box of pencils on my desk unsharpened. my closet is a mess, as usual and i have paintings everywhere getting ready for art city on friday. 

in a couple weeks a design friend will visit from germany and then a couple weeks after that i am moving away again. its time to sell sell art art. etsy is moving slow but im hopeful.


le temps d'etudier mais je n'etude pas cet fois



stealing peaches and counting grapes. four days on the farm and im full of tomatoes and squash.

i was glad to have some company for the weekend there. and the result was delicious eating from the garden, fresh pesto and as many tomatoes as you could even think to be able to eat. i think jen and i learned the hard way that really plum trees dont burn that well. but after blowing and blowing to start the fire at least the 2 by 4s did. magical / that farm is a magical place with delicious wine and a crazy viszla dog. 

this week is art city and ive been busy on two paintings for it. a little lot more minimal than usual. but sometimes less is more. a few more coats of paint should do it in time for friday.
(6-9pm at hollywood hair, st. catharines)

53 days until hungary and i meet again.