cold autumn day today. so i picked a pumpkin from the winery garden for dinner.

we fried it with black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, celery and red onion. salt and pepper. delicious. 
of course we toasted the seeds for on top and for a nice snack tomorrow at the grape&wine parade. it feels perfectly like fall with early setting golden light around six o clock and the crunchy leaves start to appear from the prematurely changing willow tree. 

stinging nettle tea is making me feel clean inside. i like this new tea.

i have a little less than a month left before i leave now for hungary. i am perhaps a bit anxious to pack and have been slowly collecting must haves for the trip in my old blue suitcase. so far: a ball of yarn and circle needles for long flight knitting, a travel pack towel, "in europe" a history book by geert mak who makes history interesting for people that never liked history class (me), david's favourite granola bars, ice wine from the winery. 

in the meantime, susi and i are making paper crafts and playing in the vineyards.

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