knitting socks for next winter

i started this pair of socks in january.
alas, here i am end february and finally i'm done. both socks.
it hasn't been much fun wearing only one of the pair around until now.
the other finally has some company // side by side on my
cold feet.

jenny at wikstenmade has some very good advice on learning sock knitting.
one is bigger than the other, how did that happen? better luck for pair two.




il me fatigue d'écrire en français. 
alors, je ne vais pas le faire.


birthday bliss has passed. i don't feel older, but i think people rarely do after their birthdays. one more year, another new number. i hardly ever answer the question, "how old are you?" anymore.
the day though, could not have been passed in a better way.

 breakfast: fresh pastries
▲ a stop at a small café on raday utca for a hot latte
market run for fresh veggies and stocking up on our favourite ingredients from the international food market
▲ lunch: tacos with corn tortillas and salsa imported from the usa
▲ a trip to the szep-muzeum to see botero
▲ skating round and round on an outdoor rink
▲ dinner: grilled cod, balsamic braised red cabbage and steamed edamame
▲ woody allen is always the perfect end to a perfect day, we watched "cassandra's dream" and fell asleep



"I'm a protest against modern painting. However, I use what hides behind its back: the ironic play with everything that is very well known to everyone. My painting is figurative sand realist, but not in the restrictive sense of faithfulness to nature. [...] It would be formulated as follows: I describe an unrealistic reality in a realistic way."


une petite recette: crositini

cut ciabatta into half inch slices, coat in butter and grill
rub with minced garlic & drizzle olive oil on top
place slice of prosciutto on toast with half fig & fresh mint leaves
add a drop of balsamic vinegar and fresh pepper

fresh parm or slices of camembert don't hurt



weather forecasts

today's weather in budapest:

slightly cloudy
what's your weather forecast? check it here.


golden and true

a blanket of frost covers the lot. i don't care, i'm rolling by on the bus. we stop in the park, for heroes in a square. i spot a red-tailed squirrel jumping from a tree. i didn't know until now that there were squirrels in hungary. but now i know.

a pyramid of reddened iron in remembrance of the holocaust. is it too early for the tourists to be out? the sun is just right. it's //

[golden and true]

boter's plump and voluptious women wave as me as i pass the szep-museum [museum of pretty art]. ancient balconies stare down at me where countless juliets looked down at their lovers. at least i hope for this city's sake.

we're almost there now.


in budapest the nights are cold

i didn't expect such a freeze. such a chill down my bones when i arrived in budapest.
it snowed when i arrived, some think i brought the white weather with me
this might be true. somehow i caught a cold (everyone around me had a cold so this was inevitable i guess) and finally after a week in and out of bed, im on the uphill again feeling good about being budapest

again // i've stalled in knitting my second sock. but one sock isn't much use, so i hope this is motivation enough to tackle the second one. also, stitch and bitch budapest has all but died. it needs a revival. know anyone in budapest who likes to knit? send them my way because im in dire need of some stitching friends who like to shoot the proverbial shit.

{photos of budapest, budapest are coming, don't worry}