in budapest the nights are cold

i didn't expect such a freeze. such a chill down my bones when i arrived in budapest.
it snowed when i arrived, some think i brought the white weather with me
this might be true. somehow i caught a cold (everyone around me had a cold so this was inevitable i guess) and finally after a week in and out of bed, im on the uphill again feeling good about being budapest

again // i've stalled in knitting my second sock. but one sock isn't much use, so i hope this is motivation enough to tackle the second one. also, stitch and bitch budapest has all but died. it needs a revival. know anyone in budapest who likes to knit? send them my way because im in dire need of some stitching friends who like to shoot the proverbial shit.

{photos of budapest, budapest are coming, don't worry}


  1. That's interesting! I thought it was much colder in Canada. Does that mean it does not *feel* that cold over there?

  2. i think it has to do with the heating here, it just never seems to heat warm enough, maybe too much cement.

    and in canada you 'expect' cold, so it's not as harsh. i always hope at little every day it might warm up and am usually disappointed. maybe in march :)


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