einmal ist keinmal

busy between laundry, packing, farewells and hair cuts.
it's hard work to pick up and leave, something i'm getting too good at, too used to.
i'm an expert at //

// lists of things to do before i go

and i'm not sure that i like it.
maple syrup has been bought.
so have 2 jars of crunchy 100% peanuts peanut butter
a stash of my favourite granola bars for travelling days
and two bottles of wine from my favourite local winery

is there any room for my sewing machine? not in this lifetime of stingy checked luggage rules and overweight fees.

still, among the bustle i'm trying to stay above the waves. trying to tie up loose ends and trying to finish unfinished projects before they're left yet another year(s) to collect dust in my closet

for someone who constantly travels here and there, i sure do get strung out before each major move
guilty: i grind my teeth at night and my jaw is killing me, pre-travel pressure gets me every time.

remember last year? i packed so early.

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