when the insatiable itch to travel strikes

last we spoke was sometime in mid-april. days lost and weekends past. i've been to three countries since then, on holidays and day-trips, weekend getaways and jaunts [slovakia, czech republic, germany]

from budapest.

some call it escape but the itch in my feet is insatiable.
[not] quenched or satisfied
i'm onto slovenia next week for a few day tour of the capital and some village towns.
after that a weekend in vienna. will this ever end? will i ever go

away from budapest.

soon or later. sooner than later? in the mean time i enjoy the warm saturday afternoons, brisk winds and lazy morning bike rides on my way to the office. life doesn't feel so serious these days, which is the best possible feeling.

listening to inara george on repeat.

flying away like this swallow, caught in my frame [always by accident].


voila printemps

feeling flighty and ungrounded.
it was spring last week, now it's turned cold again.
is it just the weather that makes me feel this way?

im irrational // more often than not.
i wish i could just toss a coin and the answer would be as easy as that. fate decided //

by the flip of a coin.
does it matter the currency?

flip / click / land

it's heads. a queen's head. united kingdom, canada, netherlands, sweden, denmark... viking ships and canvas sails whipping in the wind call my name. do i answer or keep dancing the tune of a gypsy violin and chowing down on gulash i don't even like.

feeling flighty and ungrounded. 


to transylvania and back


i'm full of fat/onion bread.
full of palinka and parties.

transylvania is a world of its own, more hungarian than hungary.
if that's even possible.

i imagine it's what hungary looked like thirty or even forty years ago.
horses pulling buggies. gypsy kids praying for money. workers in the fields.

the simple life.
i loved it.


cubic shelving // ikea inspiration

in love with this shelving project.

it may be just the inexpensive project we've been looking for in our large room with a lack of decoration and colour. simple and cheap, all you need are some PRANT office storage boxes, some bright paint and heavy-duty metal paper clips.



[found via poppytalk on livet hemma: ikea inspiration blog]


some kind of sunday

some kind of sunday //
grey sky and clouds but no excuse to stay indoors. all alone in the house. first time in ages so let's get some projects done.

lets knit and paint, sew and finish that novel that already has a layer of dust on its sleeve.
lets re-fold and re-organize, make a chai latte and call girlfriends.
lets lounge and knit some more.

market run and bike tires pumped up with air.
its only three. id say this is some kind of sunday.

currently reading: the unbearable lightness of being - milan kundera
currently listening: ceu (on repeat)
currently wearing: skinny jeans and a seven year old t shirt
currently craving: oreo cookies