afternoon tea please

i am certain that there is nothing that a little floor tea party can't help. nice cucumber/lemon grass tea in fine china and some of grandma's cookies and there is no harm that can enter our little sphere. good company, a sketchbook, radio jazz and some watercolours made for a nice afternoon.


stop stop / halt halt

i have that stir in my feet, that tightness around my neck
to move again?

ive been thinking a lot about montreal lately. about the lovely faces i know there, the art there, the streets there. maybe its time to go back again? find an art space there and create again?

art city is in a week and ive hardly anything prepared for it this time.. ah feelings not so inspired, but i think i just need to cycle around again maybe with my camera and see what i can find. maybe now. yes, yes, maybe now that the rain has stopped.

thinking about sus and mayia, my dears across the ocean, hope they are making nice art too these days.

things to make/do this week:
-make sweet squash soup
-sew a skirt from "weekend sewing"
-make new titles and prices for art city
-go on a picnic in montebello
-swim in a pond

a new book, some new ideas

weekend sewing - heather ross

arrived in the mailbox, very cool. some nice recipes amongst the patterns and lovely photographs. now i just need a trip to the fabricland and a weekend to make some projects. i hope to be able to make some things and sell them, really. seems everyone is tight on cash these days, including me after the trip across canada.

my legs have finally stopped cramping from the non-stop drive from winnipeg.

i think i will go on a picnic this week, there have been some nice afternoons and i think my basket deserves it after being in the back of the closet all winter. time to find the plastic wine cups and dust off the basket.


still west

a) goldstream prov. park
b)qualicum beach / freespiritspheres
c) royal bc museum
d) totems / victoria, bc


a little glimpse

pour toi, mama

saskatoon to prince rupert

1. driving driving driving (saskatoon to prince rupert)
2. maybe we saw some rockies on our way there
3. roadside stop


tea cups

some recent water colour attempts.
i really like coffee and my mother's collection of tea cups.

suitcase - art

leaving tomorrow for a two week journey across the country. it is almost so short notice it is unlike me but so it happens. packing a suitcase, no time to do laundry. charging the batteries for my camera and i found my german snuff for the late night driving when ill need that pick me up that some of us know so well from travelling through europe with a special man. sunglasses, reading for the road, chocolate, two coffees later and a bowl of cherries, i think i might be ready for departure tomorrow afternoon. i might even have time to make some art this afternoon for what will be a definite rush for the next art city by the time i am home.. 

the electrical company is changing our meter on the side of the house for a new one but the power is going on and off on and off. i hope they are finnished soon.

my suitcase is blue and has a broken buckle but itll make it i think. hardly ever do i travel without a backpack but i think its time for a change, just once. 

it is a photograph collaboration between two women on other sides of the country and they put them all together, one for each day of the year for both of them in a book and it is so beautiful, their photos are all from the morning and its a nice collection. its inspiring, nice colours, nice forms, nice nice.


sunday with no sun, extra clouds

art city: cool!
beautiful faces showed up, even the leading lady from frogpondfarm winery.
sold some postcards and made some contacts. 

spent my afternoon drinking coffee with the chicken and a hungarian vizsla and eating cakes. hard days work, i would say! 

tonight is more watercolour work and planning for next month's art city gig. thinking about drawings and a tea party. hoping for rain, and a day off soon. 

new in the garden: carrots, spinach, and chives

susi is coming to canada, maybe we can finally get this art-shoppe / studio espacio for two ridiculous minds and coffee drinkers who live on d&b, avocadoes, and sangria rolling. 

up side down

ya, and maybe ive been thinking / rethinking croatia lately too.


trying to make an elephant..


today is tuesday

day-off has so far included but will not be limited to:

-a sleep in
-rhubarb crumble and vanilla organic yoghurt for breakfast
-reading thomas mann on a blanket under a tree in the backyard for hte afternoon
-a substantial cut and paste session to make more art in time for art city (FRIDAY!)
-wrote a postcard to deutschland
-drank a mocha coffee
-now thinking about when david will come home from the farm