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leaving tomorrow for a two week journey across the country. it is almost so short notice it is unlike me but so it happens. packing a suitcase, no time to do laundry. charging the batteries for my camera and i found my german snuff for the late night driving when ill need that pick me up that some of us know so well from travelling through europe with a special man. sunglasses, reading for the road, chocolate, two coffees later and a bowl of cherries, i think i might be ready for departure tomorrow afternoon. i might even have time to make some art this afternoon for what will be a definite rush for the next art city by the time i am home.. 

the electrical company is changing our meter on the side of the house for a new one but the power is going on and off on and off. i hope they are finnished soon.

my suitcase is blue and has a broken buckle but itll make it i think. hardly ever do i travel without a backpack but i think its time for a change, just once. 

it is a photograph collaboration between two women on other sides of the country and they put them all together, one for each day of the year for both of them in a book and it is so beautiful, their photos are all from the morning and its a nice collection. its inspiring, nice colours, nice forms, nice nice.

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