paper boooooks

i am making paper books now. for sale at the next art city for 12$
hand cut paper and sewed with care. each comes with an envelope inside
for hiding paper treasures.


bikes /bicis

i am putting the fun between my legs now. bought a new bike, well an old bike but new to me. filled up the tired and rode it home from the bike shop. so lovely. just cruises down the street and the gears change very nicely! 

now to name her? 

she sure looks lovely parked in the back against the fence and i cant wait to initiate her into critical mass.. hmm.


a wedding portrait

neew new new.

after a few days of the sewing machine and stinky (rotten?) paint.
i finnished kathleen's piece. purple, taupe, grey, green and black.

i think she'll like it. wedding is soon too!

-picnic breakfast on the deck (done)
-bike ride near the river and tea with jen
-share banana bread which i made last night
-put up more artwork for art city downtown


wine / pool / notebooks?

working working. wine wine and tourists. is the life of a wine taster server animal feeder and flower waterer at an organic winery. talking german and explaining organic agriculture to no no-it-alls. its been a busy week because summer is almost here! it certainly feels like it these last days.

the pool is OPEN now, what a relief.

doing some etsy research, i was inspired by one shop, making covers for already made notebooks. i took some book making workshops in the past and i might just find i have another summer project making little notebooks and their covers for some more items that people can buy at art city. i just need to get ahead again and it seems im always outputting and no inputting. 

i am going to have to start to reintroduce found objects into my art again to save some cash. 


cartes postales

cards are off to the printers and the june edition of art city seems to be shaping up nicely!
again i have some help mounting and placing around the salon, but im quite happy with it. 

im working on a new piece for kathleen's wedding. seems my pockets are a little empty since moving back to niagara and so im making due with what ive got. which is muslin and paper and wood.

i drove to bala for one night on friday. one beer and one bottle of wine. then i drove home the next morning at 5am, making it back in time for work at 10am. long haul in perfect timing to get david from the north. 

and its susi's birthday, on the 21st, but we made some nice photographs for her anyways. (better late than never!)


sewing afternoon..

new sewing paper compositions for art city.
old gold frames, and magenta and orange threads.
photographs and maps, and feeling good about new arting.

feels nice to have the sewing machine out again and threading again.
ive been polishing glass all day and cutting black matte paper for the drawings.
tomorrow is installation and tea with kathleen at strega.

i ate the most delicious ginger bread and pumpkin seed butter in jen's garden.. a lovely afternoon drinking sweet basil tea and eat lovely treats. i foresee a tasty summer with that lady, and some arting afternoons too. i owe her a homemade journal i think for all the snacks she has fed me..


thinking about plastic camels, cabernet franc, and embroidery.
feeling out june art city and what i want to put in it htis time around. i think there is still loads time but i know that it always creeps up and im still searching for some oldish looking photograph frames. 

craving and old old cheddar on a nice triscuit perhaps?

day off tomorrow from the winery, time to sew and meditate. the victoria day fireworks could stop about now, its been enough, honestly. holidays holidays for dead old british ladies, for why?


reading blogs and thinking about an official website.


cool, finally moved into my new art space here in the city. feels good to reconnect with a town i once said i knew. amongst the boxes im trying to find some sort of organization and get things ready for next month's art city.. ha. trying, really i am. tonight is tea with a special lady and then wine and cheese at swc. should be interesting i am thinking. i need some frames, dumpstered or reclaimed, from somewhere, maybe i need to stop by value village.  i have my sewing machine set up now, two in the house. and since everyone else is on their summer dress mission, i may as well be too, no? so here it goes, digging through my mom's vintage pattern collection, i might just find something interesting. hope hope. 

-a watch (now that im a city slicker)
-to find my staple gun
-print up labels for show & flyers

-find a printer for art-cards to sell at opening


a fresh start

waiting for the website to go up, trying to get a hold on things. planning and planning, making art and maybe moving. why does it seem like im always moving? the art show last night with art city was cool, arrived late (as usual) and my bro brought all his friends. i was a little surprised myself by what i saw and its my own work. so cool impression. do i feel like an artist yet? not really.