[egotrips] and inspiration

tired of this tick - tock and another tick.
leaning with my head against my hand // the loudest sound in the room are the hands on my wristwatch slowly making their rounds. past the 6, onto the 7.
have i really been sitting here for so long?

i've been totally inspired this week by photographs of roses, streets of london and girls sewing, doing what they no doubt love to do. craving so much to have an afternoon free to lounge about in the library finishing the novels i've no time to read. enjoying the last bit of ice cream without realising i've someplace to be. going out for a frappe with girlfriends i'm terrible at keeping up with. falling asleep at night totally exhausted and satisfied that i've used every single minute to do something nice.

apart from egotrips. isn't this what it's all about?

[the photograph was taken in ljublijana a few weeks ago. it's an amazing city covered in street art, perhaps i'll share more photos from my weekend there. truly remarkable central european capital, i must say!]


haiku on hétfő: olives

hétfő means monday in hungarian. for a long time i've wanted to begin a regular feature here on the blog, alas here is what it is: one haiku a week, on mondays since it's the only day of the week that starts with h.

so, i hereby inaugurate haikus on hétfő. here is the first,

olives with pits sit
motionless in fine china
waiting for their fate


pigs and stars

an old friend sent this over to me today, she found it among some old papers and thought i'd like to at least have a digital copy of it. an old drawing, from who knows when. it's at least reassuring i could spell my name right, and that the sun wears sunglasses, because it's probably bright up there.

i love finding drawings of mine from when i was wee small, i cherish them. in hopes of finding some clue to how i used to see the world one metre shorter. do you still have your drawings from when you were small?


praktica roll one

choosing film:

me: can you pick up some film for me at the store?
davey: what iso do you want? 200?
me: i dunno, whatever. i guess 400.
davey: sweety, 400 is for karma guen [sunny place in south of spain]. in june.
me: right, so 200. perfect for finland in winter.

shot with a 1960-era praktica (pre-communism in hungary)

do you remember this cactus exhibition in the last photo from last summer? this roll of film is older than i thought. the film itself came from the lomography store in madrid, it was given to me for free when i bought my first holga.