two post cards, a bag of broccoli, the hungarian design award 2009, and a dried-out croissant.

city market today. my heart stopped at the sight of so many vegetables. so beautiful. farmer's faces hiding behind a pyramid of kohlrabi. a fan of carrots, give me two please. and a citron. they show me the prices on a calculator, apparently my garb screams foreigner. i smile and szia stok away, bag of produce in my hand. 

walk a little further is the museum of applied arts. there is a nice design exhibit on. the building is a perfect example or art nouveau style that can be found everywhere, one just needs to look up instead of at the ground. this is a second-story city. 

stopped for a kave and croissant on my way home. the lady's bright red lipsticked-smile was nice. 

some drawings and notes from the exhibition of amerigo tot's work at the ludwig museum.



tuesday in budapest. have i been here 48 hours yet. i think exactly.
feels already like days. i am sleeping a lot jet lag kills me. eating hummus wraps and walking around and around. david is at work in the days so i am left for meditation and sight seeing.
it is an alright lifestyle i think! 

we are waiting for word on an apartment, then we can move in early next week. then the arting i guess can start. i already did some sketching yesterday, it is all so old here. i love it.



a weekend of meditation in toronto.

street cars and parking tickets. i hate to park in toronto. one can never truly know when the ticket writers are coming around. i am so interested in cities, large ones and small ones. i like to get lost in toronto, but to know some nooks so well. we discovered a nice little eating spot on dundas w. mother hen or sitting hen. it has excellent breakfast and is filled with all the silly mugs your mom doesnt keep when she redoes her kitchen. i love florida, or arnold family reunion slogans across in red and purple and yellow and blue! elephant salt and pepper shakers. it was so kitsch it was charming. loved it.

the remnants of a nice of fries a la french and bloody marys. 
complete confusion.

morning coffee beside the window at the buddhist center. plants to keep the air green and clean. a lovely third story view. too much cream though for a recovering vegan. 



i think i even like this town.

took me a few years to convince myself. but its not so bad here. i am nestled into my little green room again and have learned to deal with the throws of living with the family again. we have a routine now and i like the garden and riding my bike to the salon just to say hi to my mom. i spent so much time hating on this place that now im leaving and its an uncomfortable goodbye. sorry i didnt give you the chance city, but you'll still be here when i am back. this city is my home, nice to meet you again.

etsy shop will be canceled while i am living in hungary. maybe i will just start a new one there since i wont be able to ship canadian things, maybe ill sell hungarian ones instead.