two post cards, a bag of broccoli, the hungarian design award 2009, and a dried-out croissant.

city market today. my heart stopped at the sight of so many vegetables. so beautiful. farmer's faces hiding behind a pyramid of kohlrabi. a fan of carrots, give me two please. and a citron. they show me the prices on a calculator, apparently my garb screams foreigner. i smile and szia stok away, bag of produce in my hand. 

walk a little further is the museum of applied arts. there is a nice design exhibit on. the building is a perfect example or art nouveau style that can be found everywhere, one just needs to look up instead of at the ground. this is a second-story city. 

stopped for a kave and croissant on my way home. the lady's bright red lipsticked-smile was nice. 

some drawings and notes from the exhibition of amerigo tot's work at the ludwig museum.

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