xylocastro // greece

is there any place more beautiful than the greece seaside?
ten blissful days filled with friends with texan accents at the sea and on top of mountains.
forty degrees
spontaneous wind tunnels scared me away, hid my face from the dust
at the sea, my skin turned white from the dry salt
vicky saw a jellyfish the size of a poodle, so we ran
home now, to twelve degrees and rainy budapest.

what i miss most: halva



see you soon greece,
you're just a 2 hour flight away and i anxiously await your sun and sea.
i think this is my first real un-backpacking like trip // ever

hope to taste the best olives and feta. im not crazy about the sun so much actually, some think that's strange. but im most excited for mediterranean food.

real feta, not from zorba da greek at tesco //

see you soon greece,
office / pack / meditate / pack / sleep / airport.


succlents on friday

welcome friday //

wind blowing all afternoon through my open window.
summer's not so hot here in hungary anymore, already.
my succulent looks fine still, it's happier at work than at home, the only one.

the office quickly empties out on friday afternoons //
so im out too.


10 things i've discovered in the corner of my mind today

10 things i've discovered in the corner of my mind today //

-i miss my teapot most of all from home
-i don't make much art here because i rush through breakfast
-eating bread too fast really hurts
-if i pedal fast/slow i still sweat the same
-my craving for peanut butter will soon be satisfied
-identification is mind's strongest quality
-clams are not my flavour, neither is tiramisu
-hero's square is most beautiful at 17:45, the light is just right
-more hungarians speak english than i think
-espresso is best enjoyed outdoors


vintage london

london has always looked great in black and white
but vintage london? wordless.
these are a few of my favourites,
rekindled my love for LIFE magazine // and london.

want to go?


to cut or not? i cut.

i cut. for the third time in my life i paid for a haircut.
this only happens when im far from home and my mum's not around //
she's the best hairstylist in town.
kinga the hungarian hairdresser did a lovely job though. 
soft // light // cool
AND: the salon [biohair] used completely renewable energy, composts the left over hair, and is a completely chemical-free environment. i've never felt better about paying for a hair cut every before.

now i'd with the monsoons would stop and i could enjoy my summery hair cut.

ALSO: a little sneak peak at our new flat in an old but renovated bottling factory.


kapolcs // spontaneity

practising spontaneity.
last minute trips to hungarian villages // medieval times
culture festival that feels like time travel

[valley of arts]

stone houses
yellow flowers
golden hay drying in the sun
folklore music
peppers strung on twine
cold beer and sizzling sausage

surrounded // medieval times


croquet in the summer


wishing for a shaded park, a croquet set and home made lemonade.
cool breeze and cheese sandwiches. a slice of watermelon

a slice of bliss // 

flannel blanket and all the time in the world, to be engrossed in a novel
that i wish would never end. summer afternoons

a slice of bliss //

most of all i wonder about the woman in the white dress.