slippery elm and rose hip tea.
ecchinacea tablets and a worn out handkerchief.

is it cold season already? but ive only just arrived.
it is a good time then i guess to work in my new bed and my cocoon of soft blankets. keep me warm and safe. the new flat is nice, orange wall and zebra rug. dear me. small. we have just one cooking pot, a yellow one, three spoons, a butter knife and two tea cups. a few jars of home-made pickles from david's granny and a box of fresh onions, carrots, peppers, and  walnuts. 

no salt or pepper yet. but we have an italiano coffee maker with kicking horse beans but no grinder. not yet. so coffee will wait. hello deak ter.

met yesterday sammi from vancouver and we took metro tram and bus to find the communist statue park. 

nice ride / cold day / grey sky / full moon / stalin's boots


  1. hello love,

    here is just a little love note to wish you well.
    your blog post today sounded lovely. you seem content. what is november going to be like for you?

    peterborough is cold and nippy. i'm seeing the arkells tonight at the red dog. i love them quite a lot, so my insides are getting excited. i've started placement in a grade one class. they are little people with such large personalities. they've already grown on me.

    love from,


  2. please send me your address, i have a postcard already with your name on it!


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