cool, finally moved into my new art space here in the city. feels good to reconnect with a town i once said i knew. amongst the boxes im trying to find some sort of organization and get things ready for next month's art city.. ha. trying, really i am. tonight is tea with a special lady and then wine and cheese at swc. should be interesting i am thinking. i need some frames, dumpstered or reclaimed, from somewhere, maybe i need to stop by value village.  i have my sewing machine set up now, two in the house. and since everyone else is on their summer dress mission, i may as well be too, no? so here it goes, digging through my mom's vintage pattern collection, i might just find something interesting. hope hope. 

-a watch (now that im a city slicker)
-to find my staple gun
-print up labels for show & flyers

-find a printer for art-cards to sell at opening

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