stop stop / halt halt

i have that stir in my feet, that tightness around my neck
to move again?

ive been thinking a lot about montreal lately. about the lovely faces i know there, the art there, the streets there. maybe its time to go back again? find an art space there and create again?

art city is in a week and ive hardly anything prepared for it this time.. ah feelings not so inspired, but i think i just need to cycle around again maybe with my camera and see what i can find. maybe now. yes, yes, maybe now that the rain has stopped.

thinking about sus and mayia, my dears across the ocean, hope they are making nice art too these days.

things to make/do this week:
-make sweet squash soup
-sew a skirt from "weekend sewing"
-make new titles and prices for art city
-go on a picnic in montebello
-swim in a pond

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