to transylvania and back


i'm full of fat/onion bread.
full of palinka and parties.

transylvania is a world of its own, more hungarian than hungary.
if that's even possible.

i imagine it's what hungary looked like thirty or even forty years ago.
horses pulling buggies. gypsy kids praying for money. workers in the fields.

the simple life.
i loved it.


  1. not at all! :)
    Horses, should be gone from the cities 80-90 years ago. It was like in other socialist countries but most of the people say we were the most civilized and happy section. Minority didn't live in the cities either and they were much less...
    But I agree with your experiences, Transylvania is more Hungarian in many! ways than Hungary...

  2. hi gergő!
    yes, i gues there were no horses in the city for a long time :)
    from what i saw in transylvania, the people are very happy there still, even if they find themselves surrounded by romanians and cut off from their mother country. in a way, the hungarian culture evolved differently there than it did in magyarorsag, in a very different way.
    i loved my trip there, it made me really appreciate the finer details of the hungarian culture. their roots and traditions.


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