birthday bliss has passed. i don't feel older, but i think people rarely do after their birthdays. one more year, another new number. i hardly ever answer the question, "how old are you?" anymore.
the day though, could not have been passed in a better way.

 breakfast: fresh pastries
▲ a stop at a small cafĂ© on raday utca for a hot latte
market run for fresh veggies and stocking up on our favourite ingredients from the international food market
▲ lunch: tacos with corn tortillas and salsa imported from the usa
▲ a trip to the szep-muzeum to see botero
▲ skating round and round on an outdoor rink
▲ dinner: grilled cod, balsamic braised red cabbage and steamed edamame
▲ woody allen is always the perfect end to a perfect day, we watched "cassandra's dream" and fell asleep

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