stealing peaches and counting grapes. four days on the farm and im full of tomatoes and squash.

i was glad to have some company for the weekend there. and the result was delicious eating from the garden, fresh pesto and as many tomatoes as you could even think to be able to eat. i think jen and i learned the hard way that really plum trees dont burn that well. but after blowing and blowing to start the fire at least the 2 by 4s did. magical / that farm is a magical place with delicious wine and a crazy viszla dog. 

this week is art city and ive been busy on two paintings for it. a little lot more minimal than usual. but sometimes less is more. a few more coats of paint should do it in time for friday.
(6-9pm at hollywood hair, st. catharines)

53 days until hungary and i meet again.

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