c'est le temps de faire une robe je pense


i would also love at some point to learn the art of sweater knitting. or at least sock knitting. i think its better to start small. socks. for winter now that it is coming around again. this morning especially i took my coffee outside while i hung out my clothes on the line and it smells like back to school. september. its just in the air, there is dew in the grass still at nine. its just how the air feels and how the light is at this time of day that reminds me of so many mornings waking up early to go to school after a summerful of sleep ins. for the first time since junior kindergarten i am not going back to school this fall. seems strange and odd to not have a new box of pencils on my desk unsharpened. my closet is a mess, as usual and i have paintings everywhere getting ready for art city on friday. 

in a couple weeks a design friend will visit from germany and then a couple weeks after that i am moving away again. its time to sell sell art art. etsy is moving slow but im hopeful.


le temps d'etudier mais je n'etude pas cet fois

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