on unexpectations and last minute flights

the funny thing about life is that you find yourself in places you'd never expect.

// at the last minute.
here i'm writing this from my childhood bedroom in niagara, a southern pocket of canada. i had no plans to travel home at all this year but i'm here, travelling on a ticket i bought 15 hours before the flight. last minute. in my family, it takes a death to bring everyone together from around the world and across the country.

but we're here. packing my carry-on for another flight to saskatchewan tonight. there's something about me that loves the canadian prairies. 2 day at home, 3 days in saskatoon, 2 days at home then back to london.

it's a whirlwind but i love that life takes you places you'd never expect.

// at the last minute.
don't you?

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  1. Once i was in UK and gets flights for pakistan due to some cause i miss my flight but i unexpected find flight from airport.


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