25 before 25

okay, i know this is lame, or at least seems to be but somehow making lists is cool and somehow because i will turn a quarter of a century old in but a few months i should get down and accomplish something. as if being an expat by trade isn't an accomplishment but really. i saw mygirl.thursday's list the other day and thought, now i should really write down some goals too. now, let's see... i've got about 5 months to get on it. that's enough time, right?

so here you go.

1 - go to a new country. [UPDATE: ireland]
2 - go to another new country. [UPDATE: russia]
3 - make a dream catcher. [UPDATE: dreamcatcher]
4 - read charlotte brönte's jane eyre before i cave and see the movie. [reading + coffee]
5 - take my camera out for a date and use a whole roll of film in one day.
6 - start a knitting project... and finish it! [UPDATE: cosy hand warmers]
7 - visit Goldsmiths and apply for graduate school. (aaaah!)
8 - cook thanksgiving dinner for four... with 2 hobs and a microwave oven.
9 - buy cheap dining chairs and spruce them up! [UPDATE: IVAR]
10 - visit at least 15 english heritage sites in the uk. [UPDATE: 9 down, 6 to go]
11 - treat myself to a mani/pedi for the first time ever.
12 - draw more.
13 - visit a third new country? can i do that? [UPDATE: kazakhstan]
14 - make a brooch like this one.
15 - meet someone from the royal family. [david met princess anne, does that half-count?]
16 - surprise someone far away with a care package made by hand.
17 - see a painting i studied in art history in person. [manet's a bar at the folies-bergère]
18 - publish a zine. (ideas: illustrated guide to east sheen? diy? craft?)
19 - get my hands on another rad lomography camera. [UPDATE: welcome to the family diana mini]
20 - master cooking a new vegetable. kholrabi? romanesco broccoli? beets? [UPDATE: not a veg, but  as an ex-vegetarian i'd say i'm making big steps learning to cook creative meats like pigeon breasts and ox cheek]
21 - give high heels a try. (never have i ever)
22 - make a 5 minute short film!
23 - upgrade a dress following these easy steps.
24 - stick to my budget (so i can afford to travel to russia in january). [UPDATE: departing jan8!!!]
25 - by the time i do this one, i should be twenty-five. so i challenge myself to get all prettied up and go out on the town like a real londoner would. [UPDATE: celebrated in budapest, but wow, what a wild party!]

it actually took me at least a week to come up with this list. and to be honest, nothing on it is out of my reach (okay, except maybe the royal family bit) which is cool but really, should challenge myself to be wilder. one step at a time.

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