impressions from the tate

i met up with a special friend this afternoon for some art and coffee. we met in high school, in small-town spain outside of madrid. we both we exchange students there for a semester and our host partners were best friends. we both ended up not really liking our host families and bonded over rose wine and valencian beaches, frida kahlo and brooding in a small cafe called jamaica.

cafe con leche please.

that was 8 years ago and we still seem to find each other in cities around the world, catching up and travelling apart again. i really like that about us, both of us are everywhere yet when our paths cross it's like distance is just a concept.

we took in some great pieces at the tate modern before heading for lattes and cappuccinos at monmouth near borough market... only the best place on the south bank for coffee.

[clockwise from the top left: giorgio de chirico, joan miro, cy twombly, jackson pollock]


  1. mmmm pick up some yummy wild mushroom pate at the borough market next time you're there : )

    my fav Tate exhibit:

    the pile of hand crafted sunflower seeds by Ai Weiwei. What did you think?

  2. hi nicci!
    i frequent the borough market far more than i should! such a great lunch spot!
    i was excited so see weiwei's seeds in person, very incredible. i think only an asian artist with so much patience, diligence and precision could have created such a piece. its unbelievable he is still stuck and unable to travel.


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