little paint // long way

i've been doing a couple projects around our flat this week. i asked on twitter last month if it's worth it doing diy projects on a rented space. the consensus was yes! just enough to make the place feel like home but not too much to undo before leaving (whenever that will be).

upon much deliberation, i decided to paint a wall the same colour as our bathroom towels (probably lame) and i managed to pick out the exact colour at the shop without even bringing in a sample... what an eye.

[dulux fauna 4]

next came the dining chairs. you remember ivar, right? i painted these untreated wooden ikea chairs using the leftover wall paint then sealed them with a clear wood varnish. ta-da!
all this place needed was a little colour.


  1. so glad you asked this question so that i can also put your consensus to use. i have hung a nice blanket over the window for a year now thinking oh when i'm not renting i'll get curtains...but here's to getting some real curtains and making a home [even a rented home]!

  2. Anonymous04:38

    This looks really nice, what did you do to the Norton table? It looks much nicer than the standard Birch finish.. Good job!

    1. actually i didn't do anything to it! that's just the gloss finish it came in. i tackled the plain chairs with the leftover wall paint, c'est tout!


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