mail day today

i love coming home from work through a big wrought iron gate and peeking in my metal mail box to the left if there is even a letter, just one letter waiting for me that doesnt come from the bank or the tax office. today there was more than a letter, there were the stamps  i bought off of etsy a couple weeks ago. safely arrived from the us of a. they are lovely. rubber glued onto sanded pieces of wood. i just have to find an ink pad now, which won't be too hard when there is a stationary store underneath our apartment. it will be my first stop tomorrow morning.

my grandpa is a train engineer, well at least he used to be. now he just runs a train museum in saskatoon. i never really much paid attention to the rails until recently. now that i live in a city with a metro system, i ride it sometimes four times a day to get to and fro, to work and home from work. from one side of the danube to the other, just to see what buda is up to. maybe i am old fashion, or just lacking an engineer mind, but i am sincerely fascinated by this underground train and if it does not run on coal, then how does it get from deak ter to arpad hid to keleti? electricity? for the first time in maybe ever, mechanics and systems are sparking my interest. i think a very long distant phone call is in order to grandpa and grandma in probably snowy saskatchewan.

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