rubber stamps // new years eve.

i couldnt resist taking a look around etsy this morning. i found these little rubber stamps at norajane. i have been looking for an owl stamp for a while now and this is one of the best ive found so i scooped it up immediately. i couldnt resist the acorns as well since the prices are so reasonable. i am very much looking forward to adding them to my envelopes, packaging and letters to friends, family, and loves.

i also updated the shop (long time coming) with some recent drawings and collages envelope sets. take a peek here.

new years eve tonight. painted my nails red and playing dress up to figure out what to wear to the party. beers are chilling in the fridge. celebrations celebrations.


  1. hello love.

    you're grand. just grand.

    i hope you have a lovely new years bash tonight. those red nails will be a smashing hit, i'm sure.
    you're missed.

    - elizabeth

  2. Anonymous05:48

    Check out the owls on www.acstamps.com

  3. the owl and acorns stamps are really cute. i love reading your posts, you are really creative.


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