pierrot le fou // dimanche soir

pierrot le fou for evening entertainment tonight. whimsical and dangerous i love the thin line between story and reality that these characters walk. it is a nice contrast between childish games and serious murder crimes as mariane prances through forests with her stuffed puppy and holds the rifle steady and doesnt even flinch at the shot.

qu'est ce que je peux faire?
je'sais pas quoi faire.

after watching godard i always want to go into film, not in the camera film but behind the film and edit and write. i always want to learn french again. lines from his films find ways to linger in my mind for days afterwards. sometimes pure poetry other times pure absurdity.

the sign of a good film.

tomorrow work begins again, i am both excited and frustrated by this thought.

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  1. I feel so stupid! I talked to Anna Karina during two weeks and, at the time, I didn't know who she was (loser!!!). I should rent Pierrot le Fou this weekend!


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