the other switzerland

i can never fight the glare at museums, especially for photography. it is very tricky. on top of trying to be as casual about it as possible since i didnt purchase a photo-ticket, sometimes the museum guards are still about it. today i went out for a walk to enjoy one of the seldom sunny and clear, albeit it a bit bitter, and went by the mai mano haz, the hungarian house of photography. i figured i would go in and see what new exhibits were up.

hans peter klauser's collection of documentary photographs of alpen rural life in the twentieth century. incredibly beautiful and genuinely provoking. there was another one i really liked, a scientist trying to photograph a giant man and so he was standing on a wooden stool. the guard was standing near it so i couldnt get a shot of it.

 i hope you see this one clear though because it is the most darling photograph of a swiss grandma embroidering. i like her round spectacles, her small scissors, and the potted plants on the sill. i find it romantic in that simple cottage life-style sort of way.

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