tuesday mornings

morning jackets and cotton nighties
natural sunlight in the morning with coffee in my tea cup. extra milk and satin sheets. silk soy. dreams that end in unicorn rides. a rainbow will do.
double bass in the background and melodic jazz notes floating up to the ceiling, staying there like helium balloons / bounce
knitting needles in my hair, long long hair and analogue everything.
jade plant casting shadows. shapes on my wall. i trace them with my pencil.
notions for the past and an open view for the future. one one two three four.

sipping in this moment, one sip, two. coffee / done /
niagara / missing days at frog pond farm

call display gives me away when i call old friends with skype. its really too bad. i almost had her, jen coorsh. but i cant fool her. even if there was no display, somehow she always knows.

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