saturday rain / sunday clouds

i went walking near the danube on saturday to re-appreciate the city and the river side. the boat bars are really something that i never noticed and they sit there docked for casual drinks waiting for the dining room to fill at dinner when they will embark for a dinner tour of budapest's bridges. romance but terribly over-priced.

sometimes i miss what is on the ground but i did manage to look down at the right moment, noticing this honeycomb grate in the pavement. another image to add to my collection.

trying to see more museums on weekends, this week's choice was the hungarian museum of trade and tourism. at the toy exhibition on the toy trade in budapest from the nineteenth c, there was an interesting collection of communist board games and toys that really we could laugh at but were serious brain-wash for kids... fulfill the plan, with flag, wheat, and scythe in hand.

upstairs was a large collection of socialist posters and ads dating from 1945 to 89. nice styles and drawings from a time when poster design was an actual art and it is really clear how many artists tried to go against the socialist formula for advertisement. a funny quote at the exhibition was that advertisement was a necessary evil against the socialist regime. an interesting education in hungarian print design and communist history that i never paid attention to in high school.

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