2010: a year for reading

unable to really find cheap eng. language books in budapest i got a library card at the british council library near kalvin tér. i spend many afternoons there, breathing in old titles, scouring the shelves for new hemingway to read and stocking up on new material to use in my english classes at work.

in any case, here is the list of what i read this year:

in europe - geert mak
oryx and crake - margaret atwood
a portrait of the artist as a young man - james joyce
cat's eye - margaret atwood
death in the afternoon - earnest hemingway
islands in the stream - earnest hemingway
book of longing - leonard cohen
hector and the search for happiness - francois lelord
the tower, the zoo and the tortoise - julia stuart
at atlas of remote islands - judith schalansky

im sure im missing some, especially sine i've been home i know i've devoured more than a few novels but their titles escape me.

[are you a part of the slow reader's book club?]
you should be, it's a great forum and the titles are excellently chosen.


  1. oh! i am just begining oryx and crake.
    this is actually going to be my first atwood novel...

  2. oooh you will like it! a good one to start with. funny that i'm canadian and didn't really start digging her work until i moved away from canada.


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