happy new year


i'm never quite good at making/keeping resolutions but i think this year, at least i'll make some goals instead of promises. trying not to make the list too long. one step at a time

send more postcards. i don't write enough, i know it. and i'd like to, mostly because i love getting letters in my postbox from far away places. one friend is famous for her poetic ramblings which i always look forward to reading and i should return the favour more often.

make time for art. morgan recommended this book course, the artist's way, to me a while back and i put it on the back burner, knowing full-well that i wouldn't find it in a budapest book store. now that i'm in canada i can pick up a copy before heading back. it's a writing/creating 12-week course that makes making time for expression a priority. i'm going to do it.

get into classics. i haven't read enough classics, i know it. i was browsing at chapters yesterday and was embarrased to think i've never read a jane austen. so this year, i'm putting these classics on my priority reading list (any more recommendations are very welcome):

the old curiosity shop - charles dickens
persuasion - jane austin
sons & lovers - d.h. lawrence

365 projekt. i've been following a few of you that actually did this and what persistence. now that i have a smaller compakt camera to take around with me, i hereby challenge myself to the 365 photograph challenge. (can i make one side note: i might at times substitute drawings for photographs because it is still considered "image-caputure", isn't it?), starting the first of january 2011.

now that i've written this out, it's a tall order isn't it?
at least two and four can be combined (cheating already).

what are your resolutions for this year?

**update (01.01.11): 365 under way at tumblr


  1. I love the 365 project. Where we will see the photos? :)

  2. Anonymous15:34

    thanks for sharing your 2010 reading list and your aim to read more classics this year. i love when reading is not just a hobby, but an ambition. i'm a big austen fan and persuasion is a favorite. i would also recommend jane eyre. 'a mutual friend' by dickens is also great. happy reading! carly


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