hector and the search for happiness - françois lelord

i finished this book for the slow readers book club days ago, unsure of how to start the review process. what interested me most by the end was that hector needed to travel to find happiness, he decided that he couldn't find it in the proverbial here and now. but from experience i also think that travel reveals a lot more about one's self in new surroundings than at home.

there is something here about journey that becomes to inherently connected to the happiness that hector is searching for.

it starts with lesson number two on the flight between paris and china //

lesson two: happiness often comes when least expected.

a lot of his lessons, so simple at first glance, are words to live by. short mantras to keep at one's fingertips to be constantly reminded to live with no expectations for what's coming or what could happen. i appreciated the monk's final words,

true wisdom would be the ability to live without this scenery, to be the same person even at the bottom of a well. but that, it has to be said, is not so easy.

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