nesting in canada

nesting. is that what they call it when you take your time to settle in to a new surrounding?
im nesting then. at my parents home after being away one year.
seems like just a week ago that i was packing for budapest

now im home for a few months of recuperation, so they say, before heading back.
honestly, i can't wait and im unexpectedly disappointed in what i thought "home" would be like after a while. but really, it's nice but just different and yes

[different is beautiful]

but different is different. have any nesting tips? 

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  1. hello my love!

    welcome, welcome home! i've had october 12th on my calendar for awhile now - making me more and more excited as it became closer!

    so yes, a warm welcome back to canada.

    what will you be doing with your time while here? oo let's plan a great reunion for the two of us!

    love, liz.


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