budapest -> toronto


hammerhart hat gesagt:
with just one full day left in budapest, im scrambling to put a suitcase together, spend as much time in one special pair of arms as possible and plan for next week already. it's terrible // a complete mix up and surprise.

i shouldn't be surprised. it's always like this. the autumn sun doesn't give up and i wish i could pick wildflowers for days and days.

suddenly the idea of leaving doesn't feel so good. i'd trade my trip home to stay for anything.
holding on to broken gilded mirrors found in attics, white mums from grannie's garden, goulash soup cooked over a fire and old scarves i forgot about in the closet.
can't i take everything?

it's only three months, i have to keep telling myself, it's only three months.
and i'll be back in my hungarian world once again.
until then, i'll re-located to my childhood bedroom in a city near niagara falls. dusting off my sewing machine and making art again. my hands miss that, making art and threading needles. with a far away boyfriend and lost contact with high school friends, im certain there'll be time to sew.

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