vyhlidky // czech republic

weekend trips are some of my favourite, short tastes of a space away.
just long enough to enjoy just short enough to leave you wanting more.

last week ukraine, this week czech republic.
driving into the night down country roads looking for a village that was nowhere to be found.
stopped, called for help //

danced at 1am to fatboyslim, blinkers on, radio pumped, on a village street.
friends found us and showed us the way there, when we arrived we were greeted by a lovely dog, an old farm house converted into one of the most beautiful buddhist meditation centre's i've seen.

[lodge-feeling, big wooden beams, cracked brick walls, pond and wood stoves]

meditation, open fire grill, czech puppet shows, archery, lake-side walks, friends
it was more than perfect. but of course every good weekend must come to an end.
on the way home we got stopped for speeding: 70 euro

the officer who spoke english with a second-world-war-movie accent wouldn't give up.
we paid and kept going. the austrians are serious about speeding, seriously.

tell me about your weekend trips, favourite spots close to home?

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