ukraine // borders, vodka and city views

uzhgarod // ukraine
car packed with funny buddhists, sleeping bags and open minds
2 hours border wait
barking [robi] dogs and passport stamps.

working all weekend with shovels, spades and little children that only spoke russian.
vodka bottles never run dry in ukraine, if one's empty there is always another close behind.
it's the only place in the world (besides russia) that used full vodka bottles as door stoppers.

i was supposed to work, hard. but these little ones were too cute not to climb apple trees with, run through corn stalks and pick flowers with. unfortunately the only russian word i know is babushka... so that's what we said to each other.

the meditation centre there was a quaint little cottage, i'd like to have one just like it. outdoor kitchen, patio, screeching wooden doors, good vibes and happy friends. david and i just finished the day's work and we've got smiles on our faces.

i'd go back anytime, there is something special about ukraine that i didn't see before.
now i wish i had more time, one month before i leave budapest.


  1. Emma14:03

    oh, that sounds fantastic, what's the Buddhist dealio there? and how did you end up visiting? it's my ex's birthplace

  2. hi emma,
    it was a great weekend. i think there are around a dozen buddhist centres there, at least diamondway buddhist groups, the same type that i practise. i only ended up going because they orgnaised a working weekend, that other buddhists come and hang out, help with the work.. it's always a good time! some of the hungarian buddhist guys here asked me if i wanted to come along and help, of course i wouldnt turn down the chance to visit a new country! have you been?


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