good days start with t[ea]

i had an unusually scheduled day off yesterday and i reveled in it. sleeping in late, starting the day with fresh pastries and strong coffee. thursday is my favourite day, even better when i don't have to work.

made some time to meditate longer than usual, cut & paste and do some work in my long neglected sketchbook and cycle around downtown a bit too. the days are quite grey here which doesn't exacly inspire to make a photo day // at all

but i promise more city shots to come.

i also wonder if there are mugs existing in the world out there with french mustaches printed on the bottom, like how i drew in my moleskin the other day. im sure there must be, i don't think im so original to be the first to think of it. do you know where?

whats on the plate for the weekend?
[im heading to ukraine for 2 days]


  1. your life is so lovely :)

  2. I love the idea of a moustache drawing on a mug! Haven't seen one before. Maybe you could get a permanent pen and draw one yourself :)


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