la photocabine

apple's photobooth has nothing on this charming little french creation.
introducing: la photocabine [try it!]

vintage film snapshots in less than thirty seconds

mine aren't too adventurous, i look completely bored out of my mind to be honest.
enter: office job and concentrating too much for too long. (and i didn't want to look obvious to my colleagues)
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it's brilliant, isn't it? show me yours!

[via poppytalk]


  1. Adeline told me about this awhile back but I should mess with it more. It's such a fun distraction.

  2. Emma20:32

    hha, I think I have that same blouse.
    enjoy Italy! I'm jealous.

  3. shhh... don´t tell but it´s from my flat mates closet


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