dans la bibliotheque

how distracting is it at the library?

little girls running around with photography books in their hand, lair so long they could trip on it. a woman asks me something in hungarian. i sigh and say i dont speak hungarian. apparently though her english is perfect. trying to decipher the differences between prepositions, particles and what the heck a phrasal verb is. time warp to grade ten grammar classes and stuck in the same misunderstandings i had them. how am i supposed to teach this stuff if i didn't get it them. it just is how it is. apparently that's hardly an acceptable excuse for an english teacher. so i have to figure out why it is the way it is and decipher all of these words to make some meaning.

but ooh the distractions.

lets just play word games. how about that? everyone loves word games.

the library closes in twenty minutes. on a school night. either i have to get here earlier or they definitely need to stay open later. no space and no quiet in my corner of deak ter. distractions.

distractions everywhere.

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