breakfast on balconies

saturday and sunday.

pouring rain, so hard it wasn't worth going outside. i spent my afternoon yesterday sitting on the balcony reading and writing letters, yes with paper and pen. its amazing people still do it these days. seldom but i try to keep up. i hardly believed my hand was cramping after a page. like i've forgotten how to hold and pen and my cursive could use a little practise too.

i don't sit down enough with a pen and paper anymore. neither a pencil and a sketchbook.

avid and i did manage a run to the market before it started raining though. once it started it didn't stop until late at night. when we awoke this morning it had slowed down to a cold trickle. it's unusually cold out and i've welcomed back my long johns and wool socks for today. i packed them away for the warmer weather but it's nice to  wear them again. cosy clothes for a sunday afternoon of cut and paste and some cooking.

what's on the menu for today? asparagus and mushroom tartes.

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