a bit of my world in black and white

where i used to keep my treasures: an eiffel tower from paris, a couple of shells from england's east coast, a bolt from my dad's work bench and a clay figure i made in art class

a budapest post card i just couldn't send, i loved it too much. an old man and his newspaper.

my one souvenir from vienna a few years ago. 50 cents at an old antique shop. out of focus, this girl has stared back at me for 2 years and i wish i knew who she was.

im not sure who doesnt have a photograph of their mum from when she was twenty-something. this is mine, miss nancy byrnes.

a shot i made with my holga for a photography class, it's the only one my professor liked. i think the double/triple exposures and light spots were too much for his traditional soul.

a drive-by shot in brooklyn. what else are red lights for when theres graffiti and dumpsters around? the final shot of an excellent trip last spring.

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