a cut and paste wedding card

one of my work colleagues is getting married this weekend and so i finally sat down and made her card. i bought two square, pale blue envelopes from the stationary store underneath our flat, each for 10 forint. i cut one up using just the front and flap for the card itself. i used a canadian quarter to draw out the pattern, cut it out, drew up a few doves on ivory card stock. cut / glue. the text i did in chinese ink with an old fashioned ink pen. i like how it stands above the paper surface when it dries. a little needle and thread and id already forgotten how much i loved to make cards by hand. ive been ignoring my craft corner too for a little while, but this card is the tip of the iceburg, im already on another paper craft! i will share later though, another day when its finished. i can feel a diy series starting, slowly slowly!

happy wedding reka! (actually i hope she doesn't see this before saturday, would ruin the surprise)

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