a message from avignon

a post card from a cypriot friend now living in avignon. what a surprise! i like when you think you've lost touch with someone and a card shows up in your mailbox. its one of the best feelings. a post card in return is on its way in her direction. getting me thinking, does any one also want to do a post card exchange? ive collected a few goodies since ive been here in budapest and id love to share them! let me know and we can swap addresses.

mayia's made hers by hand, she's a painter any ways, so i wouldn't expect anything less from her. earlier this morning i was also wondering what to love about mondays? well here's one good reason, although not necessarily a dependable reason to always love mondays but im on a quest to find something special to look forward to every single day of the week.

another note: do you remember those chain letters? where you'd have to print it out and mail it again to 5 other people? and send a postcard to the fifth address on the envelope? i always went through with them, but never got my postcard in return...

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