unexpected expectedness

do you ever have those times when you think you've got it all figured out. you've made a plan, finally and you finally think things are cool and you're on the coastal highway of life and its a smooth ride and the sun is shining? i also recently thought i was cruising down that road, finally deciding to stay in budapest for a while and setting in, focus on meditation and getting some more job experience as a writer. perfect opportunities to travel and try my luck at a new language (or two, i had no idea i'd pick up tibetan while i was here) and be glad that finally david and i could live in the same country for a while.

cool, we thought. well, not so cool. my work permit applications were denied this week, meaning i have few options for staying in the country. we are trying, as a company, to rebuke the rejection, try again explaining why a canadian girl should be hired instead of a hungarian.

and so it seems the next week and a half decides if i stay or if i start to repack my backpack, odds and ends, shop for some souvenirs and take my blue suitcase out of here, or not. just another reminder of impermanence and that everything is changing, all the time. easy to say but when it turns upside down on you, i just can't help but feel a little sad and a little more sad. it would be boring if it all stayed the same or went exactly as planned right?

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