how to sum a saturday thats not yet finished

saturday. day for museum day for coffee day for knitting and pizza dough.

sleep in and away.

an unsent postcard, delivered by hand.

a drawing of a picasso painting from the "pretty art" museum. its like people never saw anyone draw in an art museum before.

"for 80 more years hold his hand like that"

a homeless man said this to david and i today while walking down andrassy utca.

an espresso with loads of organic milk. half of a fair trade chocolate bar in the back of an english book store. outdated gq magazines with photographs of the 50 more stylish men in history... and what you can learn from them. entertainment. learn colloquial hungarian. nem kusi.

now the dough is rising in the over. dub step on the sterio. i love saturdays.

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  1. I love Saturdays too!!! Went to shop for a closet and a couch, ate yumi rétes, bought a fancy shmancy lamp, talked to my parents on Skype, now... home alone, planning to watch The Mentalist and Criminal Minds till like 3 o'clock and sleep til late tomorrow. And if you feel like having a drink tomorrow night, let me know, cause anyway Alma and me were thinking it would be a good idea. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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