c'est lundi. happy revolution day.

i am dreaming of spring and the wind not blowing so strong my bones freeze. today i watched part of a historical movie depicting the beginning of the 1848 revolution in hungary that started in a small cafe, the pilvax which still stands a few streets over from where i live. i also drank for the first time some of david's homemade wine. light and fresh, perfect wine for a picnic. i think anyway. to me the nose had "hints of maple syrup and cherries."

hah. i think there is hardly anything nicer than sharing a glass of wine with the person who made it. i liked this most at frogpond, drinking a glass of wine with jens after work. its the same nice feeling here sitting with david's dad after lunch, eating sweet bread and sipping on some wine. 

im not sure what we're supposed to do on revolution day. except eat cakes and drink wine. shell walnuts and knit cowls. i think it is so far pretty productive. bank holidays are always appreciated.

 id like to have bangs like this. something casual and longish. i am waiting for my hair to grow longer a little bit though. its easy to do when i cant talk to hairdressers so i just dont go. seems my mum is the only one that ever understands what i want and i dont even have to tell her. she just snips and cuts and it always suits.would be nice to have hair long enough to tie up on the tip of my head.

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