this is what today looks like

i look outside and its completely white. is it always true that the last snowfall is the hardest. in this case, i hope this is the last snowfall. i am a little anxious to see how the city is dealing with it. for now im safe on the third floor until its time to leave and i wrap myself up in my scarf and hat. i forgot my mittens today. what a day to forget one's mittens.

monday forecast: eight degrees.

tonight a dear dear friend is taking the train to budapest. im excited to share my flat with her for a few days, finally visiting place in this city i havent managed to see yet. i assume if this snow storm keeps up today and tomorrow we'll spend some time sipping tea and knitting, trading patterns and reminiscing about our granada days and other travels we've made together. susi and i used to cut and paste, paint and stitch together at art school.

im so happy for a break. just a little one.

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